"We have been using USBmechanic's computer services for about 12 months and the results are great. They provide fast efficient support for all those computer glitches that would other wise waste large amounts of our time. USBmechanic's service allows us to free up our time to focus on other priorities. His advice is simple and practical. We have no hesitation in recommending USBmechanic."
Arthur, Paddington

USBmechanic, have, in all my business dealings with, offered sound advice and excellent service. They patiently listen to needs and find smart solutions to problems. With USBmechanic just a phone call away I feel more confident managing my computer network than ever before.
James , Coogee


We do not have fixed rates and charges like other companies. As computer problems can be so varied, we find in general fixed prices have a lot of extra time built in just in case the technician runs into a problem.

We charge our clients by the hour and find it works out better for our clients. We are happy to give you a rough idea on how long a problem will take to fix.


Rates valid from 01/01/2017 untill 01/01/2017


Minimum charge call out plus 1 hour

Minimum remote assistance 30 minutes

Rates billed in 15 minuet blocks

Regular office hours 8:00am- 6:00pm Monday to Friday. Additional charges apply outside these hours (see below)

Monday to Friday 7:00am-8:00am and 6:00pm-8:00pm. Additional 25% on services

Monday to Friday before 7:00am and after 8:00pm. Double normal rates on services

Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm. Additional 50% normal rates on services

Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm. Double normal rates on services

Saturday and Sunday before 10:00am and after 4:00pm.  Not avalable

1up to 25km by road plus tolls (from pyrmont)
2Home clients are not businesses even if run from home.
3Small business rates are only applicable in a non server single site environment with less than 5 employees or workstations
4Business support clients receive priority over home and small buisiness clients. Business clients are defined by one or more of the following.  A server, multiple sites or over 5 employees/workstations